1. What’s in my Clare Vivier bag:

    Heather Taylor is the owner and director of Taylor De Cordoba (2006) a contemporary art gallery located in the Culver City Arts District of Los Angeles, CA. She is also the co-founder of Eating Our Words, a reading series featuring beloved culinary artists and renowned writers. In addition to running the gallery, Heather has been a longtime contributor to various lifestyle publications including Daily Candy, the Huffington Post and Fathom, where she is a Contributing Editor. She also authors the blog L.A. in Bloom, where she highlights the best sights, fashion trends, and tastes of Los Angeles and hosts a web series exploring domestic style. Heather is widely regarded as a “tastemaker” and she has been featured in national magazines including Elle, Marie Claire, Martha Stewart Weddings and Sunset.

    What Clare Vivier bag is currently in your wardrobe rotation?

    Simple tote in the kelley green basket weave leather. 

    What is your favorite style of Clare Vivier Bag?

    Clutch. Monogrammed with my initials, HBT. 

    Empty that bag. What’s inside?

    Prada sunglasses (not pictured), Iphone, a myriad of lipsticks (NARS, YSL, Makeup For Ever), chapstick, Kiehl’s body lotion, travel size Sud Pacifique perfume in Aloha Tiare, random business cards, Hermes business card holder that doubles as my wallet, Hermes notepad, Ipad, and a measuring tape for art presentations. 

What is your favorite thing about your job?

    That moment when I get really excited about a new idea - whether it’s an artist I want to show, an event I want to produce, or video I want to film for my blog.

    Where is your favorite place in Los Angeles to grab a drink/bite?

    Mandrake, Hungry Cat, Soho House and Pizzeria Mozza. 

    What are your top three favorite stores in Los Angeles to shop?

    Clare Vivier, Barney’s, The Way We Wore

    What would your perfect weekend consist of?

    Relaxing in a hammock, reading a good book with a cool drink in my hand. 

    What one beauty product is critical to your survival?

    Heat Wave lipstick by Nars. 

    If you could tell your 22-year-old self one thing it would be….

    You’re not fat. 

    What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?

    The Bachelor/Bachelorette. So bad. So damn good. 

    What item of clothing or accessory are you currently lusting after?

    Dolce and Gabanna floral and lace dress. With matching headband and shoes. 

    What do you do to unwind when you are not working?

    Trips to the Korean Spa do wonders for my well being. And going to the movies is probably my favorite activity. Knitting and cooking and gardening too. Actually folding laundry while listening to Fresh Air podcasts is when I am my most relaxed. 

    Describe your everyday look

    Changes daily. Right now, it’s all about Black Crane jumpsuits with Beatrice Valenzuela sandals and a Clare Vivier clutch. No makeup except for red lips. 

    You would not expect it but I….

    Have you ever heard of the Baja 1,000? I kind of want to win it. 

    What is one blog you can’t stop reading?

    Garance Dore

    Sweet or savory?

    Combo please!  

    Where do you do the most online shopping damage?


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