1. What’s in my Clare Vivier Bag:

    Giorgia Tiraboschi is interning this summer at Clare Vivier. Soon to be twenty years old she traveled from London to assist with production here! She is currently studying Fashion Promotion & Communications at London College of Fashion.  Girogia greatly admires Vivienne Westwood and was lucky enough to intern there her final year of high school. She makes us all jealous by speaking both French & Italian when she calls home and her tan will surely be of envy to all her English friends upon her return.

    What Clare Vivier bag is currently in your wardrobe rotation?

    The brown suede fold over with green zip

    What is your favorite style of Clare Vivier Bag?

    The white snake clutch

    Empty that bag. What’s inside?

    My book, my phone, my hotel key, my cigarettes and my lighter

    Where is your favorite place in London to grab a drink?

    E&O in Notting Hill

    What are your top three favorite stores in London to shop?

     All Saints, Urban Outfitters, & Topshop

    If you could hop on a plane tomorrow and go anywhere, where would you go?


    What one beauty product is critical to your survival?


    What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?

     Disney movies

    What item of clothing or accessory are you currently lusting after?

    The YSL arty oval ring with turquoise stone & gold stoned finished metal

    What are you most looking forward to this summer?

    Going to the Sziget festival in Budapest

    Describe your everyday look

    Baggy top with a long necklace, leggings, boot heals and a clutch

    You would not expect it but I….

    Associate colors and numbers with letters

    What song is currently your jam?

    You and Me by Penny and the Quarters

    What is one blog you can’t stop reading?

    My own, www.freedomofspeech4life.tumblr.com

    Sweet or savory?

    Both. Can’t have one without the other

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