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  4. Clare V. Studio Style: Olivia Pape




    Olivia is the Stock Room Coordinator at Clare V. She says she plays stock room Tetris all day long and can tell you where any bag of any season is at any given moment! She always has a good story to tell and a smile on her face! 
    How would you describe your personal style? Classic fun! I have some staple pieces on heavy rotation—like my collection of long black cardigans—but I also like to keep my wardrobe a little playful. Most of my favorite pieces are secondhand goodies I’ve had for years.
    Where did you get the items you are wearing from? The sunglasses are Ray-Bans, and my Oxblood Petit Duffle is Clare Vivier, but everything else is gifted and thrifted—the sweater is from a thrift store in Southern Illinois (where I’m from), the dress is from a secondhand store in Silverlake, the tights are from the bottom of my sock drawer, and my mommy bought me the Chelsea boots for Christmas from who knows where.
    You have some pretty cool tattoos (bowl of mac & cheese!) Do you have a favorite? I have nine tattoos, but I haven’t gotten a new one in years—my threshold for pain has greatly decreased in my old age! I got a macaroni and cheese tattoo because I thought it was funny—in fact, none of my tattoos have really deep meanings, they’re just all things I liked or made me smile. I have a Cadillac emblem in a heart on my calf, it’s probably my favorite. My first car was a 1989 Cadillac Brougham—my parents affixed a troll to the hood ornament for me. It was amazing.
    Does your job affect what you wear everyday?  Somewhat. I definitely have the most physical job here in the studio, so I always wear comfortable shoes that are easy to scale shelves in. I try to make sure I am always wearing something with pockets to hold my box cutter, Sharpies, and This American Life podcasts. And bike shorts under my dresses!
    What bag from the Spring or Fall line are you coveting? I’ve been dreaming of the Navy Suede Sandrine from our Fall ‘14 line.
    If you could live any other city what would it be? Asheville, North Carolina! I’ve come close to moving there twice now—third time’s a charm..?!


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  8. Clare V. Studio Style: Saehee Cho




    Saehee is the Director of Wholesale Accounts and Coordinator of Special Projects at Clare V.  Some how amongst all the daily chaos she still finds time to bake us cakes, cookies, and other various treats. She keeps us smiling and full! 

    How would you describe your personal style? Right now I’m having fun with my personal style.  I definitely tend towards minimalism as I get older but I figure my window to be experimental with personal style is getting narrow so I’m trying a bit of everything.  I am pretty consistently in high heels though.  

    Where did you get the items you are wearing from? Tell us about your reading series Unkindest Cut?The shirt is from Korea but I can’t remember from what store and there’s no label!  The shoes are Miu Miu and my necklace is from Dream Collective and was an amazing birthday gift from my dear friend Mar. The Clare V. bag I have in rotation right now is an exclusive we did for Steven Alan last fall, the oxblood Gosee Clutch.  In addition to my work at CV, I try really hard to maintain a writing practice and stay active in the Los Angeles writing community.   Along with my friend Ani Raya-Flores, I run a reading series “Unkindest Cut” that features innovative writers, poets, and translators.  The name of the reading series comes from a favorite Lydia Davis story.  I’m also a contributing editor for a new online literary magazine called “Entropy”  

    Does your job affect what you wear everyday?  Absolutely, I’m constantly around bright colors and beautiful leathers and fashionable ladies.  Every season I’m inspired by the color palettes we use.  

    What bag from the Spring or Fall line are you coveting?I have my eyes on the Matilde Tote in Navy Quilted Leather for fall ‘14.  I love the simplicity of the body paired with patterned leather. 

    If you could live any other city what would it be? Barcelona.  I went with my sister when I graduated from college and had the most wonderful time seeing the remarkable Gaudi architecture and drinking Sangria mid-afternoon  


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  10. Clare V Studio Style: Mandy Freiberg




    Mandy is the assistant to our wholesale account managers.  She mostly  assists Saehee who is the director of retail and manages all of our major and foreign accounts. She says it’s a lot of paperwork and shipping but her fondness for extreme organization and control allow her to shine in this environment.

    How would you describe your personal style? I’m pretty sure my style was established in Junior High and has only mildly evolved since.  I went to a Junior High that was also a High School and I always looked up to the cool high schoolers and I feel like I dress now how they did then.. They were ahead of their time!  Shout out to LACES!

    Where did you get the items you are wearing from? The leopard clutch is obviously Clare V. My chambray top is Madewell, the tee is a vintage Black Flag shirt that I’ve had for probably 15 years. My sunglasses are American Optics dead stock that I bought at Driftwood before Bar Stella opened. The pants are also Madewell and the shoes are Rachel Comey hand-me-downs from Clare Vivier herself!

    Does your job affect what you wear everyday?  Not at all.  I’m usually at my desk trying to stay warm, the studio is always super cold!  When I first started working here I was the studio assistant and was always running around so I never wore nice shoes, but now I’m sitting at a computer so I can wear whatever.

    What bag from the spring line are you coveting? I really love all of the Matilde Canvas Totes, if I had to choose I’d get the Mexican Print with Cream Grass Mat Leather.  But between you and me I’m holding out for a Pre-Fall bag, I can’t wait!!

    If you could live any other city what would it be? The only way I would leave Los Angeles is if it exploded, or sank, or some kind of apocalypse went down. And even then I’d probably just die here. Or I guess I’d move to Paris, if you made me!

    You have lived in la your entire life, could you share some secret spots or places to go? Hmm.. secrets?!?  I don’t feel like there are any secrets left thanks to Jonathan Gold’s one million restaurants in LA that nerd! Theres this place called Dino’s on Pico just West of Vermont that has the BEST chicken in Los Angeles, it’s served on a bed of french fries and oh my god it is soooo gooood. My favorite place to hide-out or if I’m going through a hard time and need to relax is the Crystal Spa in Koreatown.  They have complimentary Aveda products and they’re open 24 hours on the weekends and close at 1AM on weekdays AND they offer 6 hours of complimentary parking!! Anyone in LA is tempted by free parking.  And then you soak in a hot tub until 3AM, it is the greatest.